4 Ways to Introduce Rose Water to Your Daily Routine

Organic facial mists are one of the most versatile products you can have in your beauty routine, but did you know rose water is one of the best for multitasking? It's packed full of benefits, is affordable, and is suitable for all skin types – and today, Terre Verdi is ready to spill all the details so you can learn four incredible ways to introduce rose water into your daily skincare lineup!

Use Rosewater as a Toner

Of course, our Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist was created first and foremost as an organic toner. The beautifying properties of rose have been well documented throughout history, and the plant has been prized for its ability to offer a wide variety of benefits for the skin. Rose damascena contains antioxidants which help fight free radicals, plus the major compounds within this powerful botanical have been shown to contain anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Of course, the benefits of organic rose make this an ideal skincare treatment, but Terre Verdi is most impressed by its ability to act as a gentle toner. We love spritzing the light and airy mist across our face or applying to a reusable cotton wipe to dab across our skin after cleansing. It removes any stubborn makeup and oils, and leaves everything feeling so clean. Plus, our Acqua di Rosa helps rebalance the skin's pH, meaning the surface stays moisturised and invasive bacteria can be banished.

Use Rose Water to Set Makeup

Who needs a separate makeup setting spray when you have a bottle of our Acqua di Rosa on hand? That's right, Terre Verdi doubles up on important roles and provides an all-in-one organic mist that can tone AND elevate your cosmetics!

A makeup setting spray works by either forming a protective layer on top of your foundation that locks everything in place, or by reducing the powdery appearance of your products. The former typically relies on synthetic polymers like silicone, while the latter contains more humectant ingredients. The Terre Verdi organic rose water falls into this category, and it is effective for ensuring makeup does not look cakey and for keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Use Rose Water to Cool Down

An organic rose water is great for your skin, but it can also keep you comfortable in all sorts of situations. We love keeping a bottle of Acqua di Rosa in easy reach during the summer, as we can mist ourselves to keep from overheating. The lightweight spray feels lovely on a hot and humid day, and it leaves you feeling attentive and revitalised.

It's also a great addition for gym bags for the same reason. You can complete your workout and cool down with a quick misting of our organic rose water. This is an ideal addition for any athlete, especially as rigorous exercise can lead to dehydrated skin and an increase in breakouts due to sweat and friction. By wiping away that perspiration with Acqua di Rosa, your skin can stay clear (and cool!) all year round.

Use Rose Water for your Mental Health

We've talked a lot about organic rose waters benefits for the body, but what about for the mind? Terre Verdi's Acqua di Rosa provides a dose of positivity every time you breathe in the floral scent, and we are proud to have harnessed rose damascena's aromatherapeutic qualities in our organic facial spray.

Research has revealed that rose is great for de-stressing, and can help relieve tension due to its anti-anxiety properties. Chaotic moments can be quieted by spritzing our organic floral water and breathing in the calming aroma. It's especially good for evenings, as science has shown this botanical can induce sleep and improve the mood.

We can't help but rave about the incredible benefits of organic rose water, but we want to know what your experience with this multitasker has been like – do you use your bottle of Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist as a gentle cleanse, to set your makeup, to cool down, or to boost your mental health? Or do you have another way you like to use this versatile product? Let us know over on social media!