We hosted our first Real Skin event in March 2022 and it turned out to be a lot of fun! We invited some of our customers, took their photos, and asked for a testimonial!

Please find our testimonials page here. Should you wish to send us your photo and give us your own testimonial, please email us at contact@terreverdi.com. It would be amazing to make you part of it!

Real Skin Testimonial by Sara


I am Sara, 42 years old, and prefer to use organic products on the skin. I tried NeroliPom Mosturiser and really liked it. Now, I use it every morning!


I am Roberta, 57 years old and I do love face and body moisturizers from Terre Verdi.

They are totally natural, healthy for my skin and smell amazing. It is difficult to pick a favourite as they are equally important in the different parts of my daily routine for the whole family. I usually apply NeroliPom twice before the make up.  My son has his own bottle of this too. FranChouliPom oil is for the body and sometimes I fancy nourishing my hair with it. The cleansing oil in the evening help me cleaning my face and it is perfect for massaging and moisturizing it too. As for the night, I use the Serum and the ArganShea multitasking cream as it lasts all night. It recovers the dry skin of face, hands and feet.

Real Skin Testimonial by Roberta
Real Skin Testimonial by Cathy


I am Cathy, aged 61, and have been using Terre Verdi for a number of years. Since I have been using the products my skin has improved and rejuvenated.

I love FranChouliPom Serum and NeroliPom Moisturiser. I also use ArganShea Multitasking Cream for the areas of my face that get particularly dehydrated and I find it amazing.

I also like sharing these products with friends to spread the love of natural organic products!


I am Marzia, 46 years old, store assistant, and have been using Terre Verdi products since 2017.

I like the fact that all the ingredients of the products I use from Terre Verdi are natural and organic and without any additives.

I use them for myself but also feel confident to share them with my daughter and partner. It is amazing to have just one product for the whole family.

My favourites are: ArganShea Multitasking Cream, AcquaDiRosa Balancing Mist, and FranChouliPom Facial Serum.

Real Skin Testimonial by Marzia
Real Skin Testimonial by Marie


I'm Marie and I have been using the Terre Verdi range for the last couple of years since I turned 40.

I really like the smell and natural feel of the products.

I particularly like using the ArganShea Multitasking Cream for my hands and any dry areas on my body.  The Orange Coffee Face Mask is a sensory treat and totally divine!