Organic body oils to naturally heal

Natural oils are an eco friendly body moisturiser that help reduce water usage as well as waste due to their long shelf life.  Organic body oils are also great for multi-tasking meaning a high quality formula can take the place of a handful of products.  They are a great choice for those wanting a minimalist skincare routine, who are on a budget, or who desire gentle nourishment with a wide range of benefits.

All natural body oils are made of vegan friendly ingredients and can be intensively conditioning and rich or offer a boost that is more lightweight.  Plant based skincare using organic argan, camellia, jojoba, pomegranate, calendula, and other healing oils is highly restorative and works to soften, smooth, and replenish the body from head to toe.  With the addition of essential oils, organic body care treatments take on wellbeing qualities too.  For example, ginger and black pepper ease aches and pains, while blends containing sweet orange boost circulation and improve mood.  From warming tired muscles to bringing a renewed sense of positivity, organic body oils can be a very special part of a daily skincare routine.

Terre Verdi offer four vegan body oils: Yoga & Sports, FranChouliPom, Morocco Argan, and ThéBianco Camellia.  Each all natural creation is versatile and brings real results, and all have been handmade with love.