Beautiful ethical skincare for the whole body

Natural body care is an important part of a skincare routine, and having organic body oils available to use that offer a nurturing touch can help keep skin healthy and radiant all year long. Regularly applying all natural oils, creams, masks, or tonics to the body can work to achieve soft, smooth, and supple skin that maintains a youthful glow. Plus, this ethical skincare protects the barrier against damage from environmental stressors like harsh weather, UV rays, and city pollution, and the best body care products can aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines, replenish dehydrated skin, tone, and more!

That's not all – the best natural body oils and skin treatments can provide therapeutic effects alongside offering visible benefits to appearance. Muscle aches and low spirits are easily remedied with potent essential oils. Terre Verdi crafts high quality ethical body care that can tackle all your needs. Multi-tasking masks, creams, oils, and floral waters are all formulated with the best botanical ingredients, and the all natural range is designed with everyday needs in mind. Try our refills for an even more eco friendly experience!