Ethically Sourced Skincare with Terre Verdi

What Is Ethical Body Care?

What does ethical mean? How do you know a product is ethical? Is it really that important to worry about ethics when it comes to beauty? Terre Verdi is here to answer these questions and more!

The word ethical embodies questions of right and wrong. However, like other marketing terms used in the beauty industry, this term is not regulated in any way which makes it difficult for shoppers to know what claims to trust.

To Terre Verdi, ethical body care involves both people and planet. We have a responsibility to be conscious of how all life is treated and need to be accountable for the impact our choices have on the environment, wildlife, local communities, and workers. This means ensuring people's working conditions are safe and fair, biodiversity is protected, animals are not harmed, and customer's health is not compromised.

Terre Verdi prioritises these aims by taking steps to guarantee our ethical body care is cruelty free, vegan, sustainable, and keeping family at the heart of everything we do.

How Do Ethical Skincare Brands Help?

Ethical skincare brands help both people and planet, so shopping ethical body care is important for protecting our world. But how exactly does choosing ethical beauty help?


  • Workers: Vulnerable people are often failed by employers, and ethical brands fight to make sure that this does not happen. By offering a fair wage, refusing child labour, and having strict safety measures in place all keep workers from being taken advantage of and guard against danger.
  • Animals: It is estimated that the beauty industry is responsible for up to 500,000 animals suffering or dying each year. Ethical skincare brands help fight against this cruelty by refusing to take part in animal testing. If beauty is pain, things need to change, and that is what ethical businesses strive to do by turning their backs on animal cruelty.
  • Wildlife: Large scale farming, synthetic chemicals, and a growing demand for precious resources have placed a huge strain on the environment and threaten to destroy wildlife around the world. Ethical skincare brands choose to be organic, use responsibly gathered ingredients, reduce packaging, and implement responsible production methods to minimise any negative impacts on the planet. Protecting biodiversity is essential, and ethical beauty aims to preserve nature rather than take part in its destruction.
  • Local communities: The beauty industry often uproots local communities in their drive for profits, and this is a particular issue for marginalised areas. Water sources are ruined, agriculture is shifted, food security is threatened... If steps are not taken to safeguard the communities surrounding production, it can be dire. This is why ethical skincare brands make an effort to work alongside the people instead of steamrolling through them.
  • Health: While there are strict regulations regarding the sale of beauty products, these standards are different from country to country. For             example, while over 1,300 ingredients are on the 'no go' list in the UK, only 11 have been deemed unsafe in the USA. Ethical skincare brands go one step further and avoid formulating with non-biodegradable or potentially toxic materials in order to defend the health of customers as well as wildlife that may be exposed.

Choosing the Best Ethical Skincare Brands

Since the word ethical is not regulated in marketing, be sure to look out for trusted certifications like Soil Association or Cruelty Free International. These organisations have rigorous conditions that need to be met in order to be awarded the right to display the label, and it's not a one-time check either. Businesses that earn certifications like these need to regularly demonstrate that they are following ethical practices and are meeting all the requirements!


The best ethical skincare brands don't just offer up pretty words – they back up their claims and provide proof that the promises made are being followed through. Terre Verdi values your trust, and so we give you extra peace of mind by having our ethical body care and natural beauty treatments approved by globally recognised programs that validate our sourcing, production, and manufacturing methods.

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