How Does Rose Water Benefit the Skin?

What does rose water do for the skin, and is it actually that good to use in your skincare routine? Terre Verdi is ready to share all, and today's post reveals the top benefits of rose water! Learn how this natural toner hydrates, soothes, and refreshes the skin and improves your complexion in today's special product spotlight...

Rose water is such a simple skincare product... Or is it?

Terre Verdi adores the minimalist ingredient list of rose water, and never fails to be impressed by how many benefits this one ingredient wonder offers. Rose water is a natural toner that is anti-inflammatory, revitalising, and hydrating, and it provides a helpful boost to the skin so you can maintain a healthy and fresh complexion all year long. It really is a skincare enthusiasts best friend, and is so versatile that you can use it in all kinds of situations.

In fact, that's why we offer an organic rose water in our own lineup of natural skincare products! Acqua di Rosa is bursting with beneficial properties, and is a great staple for any beauty routine. Whether you need to freshen up, ease tight and uncomfortable skin, or just add a dash to a DIY recipe, this natural toner is ready for anything.

That's why we want to share the benefits of floral water and reveal just how effective this natural formula can be. Today, Terre Verdi will explain what this cruelty free and vegan product actually is, feature five properties of rose water, and offer suggestions on how to use this staple skincare treatment in your routine. We hope you enjoy learning all about rose water, and can't wait to hear your thoughts over on social media!

What Is Rose Water?

Rose water has been in use since the Middle Ages, and it continues to be a favourite for beauty lovers around the world. This superstar skincare product is created from the powerful rose damascena plant, a flower that is bursting with nutrients that benefit the skin. The botanical contains a wide variety of vitamins (including A, B, C, and E) as well as phenolics which are a form of natural antioxidants. It's no wonder rose water is so loved by skincare enthusiasts!

In order to create the hydrosol we all know and love, the petals from the rose damascena flower are steam distilled. It's easy enough to even try for yourself, though DIY rose water does pose some safety risks and doesn't always produce a stable and potent product. The steam distillation process extracts the essential compounds from the botanical, and when done properly, it creates an easy to apply liquid that retains all the key benefits of the original ingredient.

What Does Rose Water Do For Your Skin?

Rose water has been around for centuries, but why? What does this natural toner actually do, and how does floral water benefit your skin??

Well, there are five main reasons Terre Verdi loves rose water:

  1. Rose water contains antioxidants
    Antioxidants are essential for maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin. These compounds fight free radicals which are responsible for premature aging, and they also work hard to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Free radicals can damage elasticity which results in sagging, loose skin, and are linked with a variety of chronic health conditions. By introducing a source of antioxidants, we allow our bodies to protect and prevent this damage. Plus, antioxidants can even assist with keeping skin hydrated, bright, and calm.
  2. Rose water is hydrating
    Rose water can help prevent transdermal water loss and offers a helping hand to the skin's barrier. This natural toner boosts hydration levels, and can fight off flaking, tightness and discomfort throughout the whole year. In winter, it's great to combat the effects of central heating and hot showers that strip the skin's natural oils, and in summer it protects against dehydration during those long sunny days. Rose water is an excellent addition to any skincare routine as it rebalances pH levels and aids in keeping your complexion radiant and smooth.
  3. Rose water soothes and calms skin
    Did you know that natural rose water is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial? These properties make it ideal for all skin types, especially those needing a gentle and calming touch. This floral water works to destroy bacteria and other microbes, making it an effective solution for those suffering from acne and breakouts. It also has been shown to minimise redness and reduce puffy appearances thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. Rose water is a quick and easy addition to any skincare routine, and is especially useful for those who struggle with skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.
  4. Rose water is refreshing
    If you are ever feeling overheated, sweaty, or tired, rose water can help! Even just a single spritz of this natural toner can energise your spirits and relieve discomfort, as the liquid offers a cooling        and soothing touch. It feels refreshing and is a great way to wake up, wipe away sweat and grime, set makeup, and fight against the dreaded mid-day crash.
  5. Rose water is therapeutic
    Aromatherapy is a great way to improve the mood, and rose water has been shown to provide antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties. The light floral scent is uplifting and calming for the mind, and research has suggested that this natural toner works to relax the central nervous system. Rose water can also be used to ease tension, relieve headaches, and produce feelings of peace after periods of stress. Use it in the morning to establish a positive atmosphere for the day, or spray at night to assist in getting a good night's sleep.

Rose Water Benefits: In Conclusion

Not only is rose water very refreshing to spritz across the skin, it also provides a variety of beneficial qualities. We love how such a simple formula has proved itself to be so effective, and are proud to offer an organic rose water in our range of natural skincare.

Acqua di Rosa can be used two times a day (or more!) in both your morning and evening skincare routine, and is a favourite for mixing up face masks, as a setting spray, or as a natural toner. Our organic rose water is versatile, gentle, and bursting with potential.

How do you use rose water? Head over to social media to share your ideas and to let us know your favourite benefits of using our organic toner!