Recycling our packaging

Our packaging is fully recyclable. You just need to separate the covers from the bottles and place them in your recycling bin, as they are made of different materials, such as glass and PP.

For the serums' pipettes, the glass and plastic components need to be disassembled by pulling the two apart (this is easier to do than it sounds).

If you wish to re-use our covers

If you wish to re-use any of our covers to be kinder to the environment, just select the refill option where available. We will then send you the products purchased with aluminium covers instead. Keep your covers (pumps, pipettes, or spray caps) in the old packaging until you receive the new products, and then switch them. Washing the bottles or covers could cause bacteria entering the product, so we do not recommend washing them. In any case, we don't recommend using the same covers for more than 2-3 years from their initial use.

NeroliPom Moisturiser packaging explained

  • When we created NeroliPom Moisturiser, we have decided to use a bottle-with-pump option, as opposed to a jar, for a specific reason. As moisturisers are water-based products, as opposed to oil-based, it is best for them to be stored in a way where there is less possibility of spoilage or contamination through continuous contact with the product: bacteria will not enter the bottle this way. The product also stays fresher for a longer period of time, as the bottle/jar is not continuously opened and closed. And finally, it can also be shared by a couple, for instance, without any risks of spreading infections.
  • Once you finish the product, the small amount which is left at the very bottom of the bottle can be taken out by removing the closure and flipping and keeping the bottle upside down (on a small piece of foil or in a small container) for as long as needed, until the product is all used up.
  • The pump can then be recycled along with the bottle, as it is made of PP. Just separate it from the bottle when recycling it.
  • If you prefer to receive it with an aluminium cover, as you wish to re-use your pump, just let us know when placing your order.