Hydration boost with vegan facial toner

Toner is the second step in a quick and easy skincare routine, and it offers a simple way to quench thirsty skin and refresh the face.  All natural toners can be especially useful for those with oily or blemish prone faces, as they help eliminate impurities.  After oil cleansing, using a botanical facial toner can help remove any remaining residue plus it acts as an instant wake up for tired skin and senses.

The best vegan face toner will be kind to the skin and hydrating.  Gentle options like natural floral or herbal waters and hydrosols are ideal as they work to soothe and replenish the skin and offer a wide range of benefits.  A floral water is steam distilled, meaning the aromatic and healing qualities of the plant are captured as essential oils are made.  They can be used pure, mixed with actives, or blended with masks in place of water.  Natural floral waters are a great option for those trying to reduce waste since they are a byproduct, and as organic toner made from pure botanicals is perfect for multi-tasking it makes an even bigger difference.

Terre Verdi creates natural facial toner that works for all skin types, is great in a vegan skincare routine, and doubles as a wellbeing aid.  Our holistic beauty brand offers organic toner that can be used morning, noon, and night no matter the season.  Try using the floral water for skin, hair, in the bath, or as a pillow mist.