Naturally exfoliate for soft glowing skin

Exfoliation is key for maintaining soft, smooth, healthy skin, but it needs to be done gently so the face is not harmed by harsh rubbing or chemical reactions.  A mild treatment is the best exfoliating option, and a physical treatment is most ideal for the delicate facial skin.  Physical exfoliants are suitable for all skin types as the pressure of application can be controlled, and natural scrubs with a small grain are the best choice.

It's important to have a regular reset, and a natural exfoliating treatment is a great choice for those looking to refresh, revive, and reboot their complexion.  Depending on the type of base used and the actives added, an exfoliator can address different conditions.  For example, moroccan lava clay is rich in minerals helpful for dehydrated or sensitive skin, kaolin clay is ideal for drawing out impurities which aids acne prone and combination skin, and bamboo powder boosts collagen production and offers healing properties.

A bi-weekly vegan exfoliating treatment will reinvigorate, soften, and improve skin tone with regular use.  When scrubbing, a light pressure should be used to avoid over stimulating the skin, and the product always needs to be applied to clean damp skin.