We only used the finest certified organic botanicals in each and every product. Below you will find a few of them.



It takes 1 kilo of orange blossom petals, picked early in the morning by hand, to make 1 gram of neroli oil. Its scent is incredible, and many are its health benefits, read the full article here

Neroli oil can be found in our FranChouliPom range, as well as in our multi-award winning ArganShea Multitasking Cream.


What not to say of this incredible oil, which is full of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing properties. Its richness and strong fragrance is distinctive.

Pomegranate oil can be found in our collection on its own (we recommend it on especially-dry patches), or in our FranChouliPom collection (serum and body oil).



Ginger (zingiber officinalis) oil has great benefits. Among others, it increases circulation due to its stimulating properties, helps with inflammation and pain, and soothes muscles and joints after exercise. It is often used in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

Find ginger oil in our multi-award winning Yoga&Sports Body Oil.


Used in Japan for centuries, this wonderful oil has been widely recognised in the west in the last few decades. Full of good fatty acids and vitamins, and with a low comedogenic factor and great stability. Find out more about this great ingredient here.

Camellia oil can be found in our collection on its own (we recommend it for pregnant women, children, and sensitive skin), or in a variety of products.


Taken from the orange peel, the citrus sinensis oil has great benefits for our health and skin. From promoting collagen production to increasing blood flow. Great also to help relieve stress and anxiety due to its uplifting scent.

Find it in our OrangeCoffee Cleansing Mask, our FranChouliPom serum and body oil, as well as the award-winning ArganShea Multitasking Cream.


From the argan fruit of Morocco, this oil is naturally full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Great for skin, nails, and hair. Known as anti-aging for its richness. Check out our article on argan oil here.

Argan oil can be found in our collection on its own (we recommend it for skin, hair, and nails, and great for travel as a multi-purpose product), or in a variety of other products.



This golden and gentle oil is taken from infusing dried calendula flowers (which are also called Marigold) in oil, such as sunflower oil. Known for its disinfectant and antibacterial properties, it is used to help heal the skin.

Read more about calendula oil in our full article here.

Calendula oil can be found in a few of our products such as our body oils, Herbs&Trees Balancing Facial Serum and ArganShea Multitasking Cream.


Coming from distillation of the boswellia tree resin, this citrusy-woody scented oil has magnificent healing and disinfectant properties. Fantastic both to rejuvenate mature skin, and to take the inflammation away from problem skin. Read our full article here.

You can find frankincense oil in both our facial serums, as well as our FranChiouliPom body oil.


Coffee helps fight free radicals due to its high levels of anti-oxidants. It de-toxifies, rejuvenates and revitalises the skin.

You can find ground coffee in our OrangeCoffee Cleansing Mask.