What are the 3 A's that Organic Rose Water Offers?

Organic rose water is bursting with benefits, from hydration to setting makeup. However, there are three special properties that really stick out when it comes to this natural facial spray. Today Terre Verdi will share the A's that organic rose water offers and explain why this product is such a star.

Used since the Middle Ages, rose water is certainly a long standing favourite in the beauty and health world. Despite being used for so many centuries, this natural facial spray has a few hidden surprises that make the cooling mist even more desirable...

An organic rose water is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial because it is created from the powerful rose damascena, a flower rich in the nutrients most beneficial to the skin including vitamins A, B, C, and E. The petals from this beautiful botanical are steam distilled which extracts the essential compounds from the plant, and the final product contains all the key benefits of the solid ingredient in a handy floral water form.

Organic rose water should not be underestimated. Yes, it's a simple formula, but the antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory benefits it brings are ideal for keeping skin balanced.


Organic Rose Water is Anti-septic

Not only is organic rose water great for giving skin a hydrating boost, it also holds antiseptic properties thanks to the powerful compounds within the rose damascena plant.

An antiseptic safely destroys bacteria and other microbes. Having anti-septic ingredients like rose in your skincare is a great way to maintain a healthy complexion. By using an organic rose water in your daily skincare routine, you help prevent and treat infections. This is especially important for those suffering from spotty skin.

By misting your face and wiping down your skin at least twice a day, you can reduce breakouts and help zap those pesky spots so they do not become even more irritated.


Organic Rose Water is Anti-inflammatory

Organic rose water helps refresh and cool your skin, but it also plays a key role when it comes to soothing irritation. This facial spray is rich in Vitamin C and phenolics, both of which are naturally anti-inflammatory.

Science shows that the anti-inflammatory benefits of rose water can ease many skin irritations, including eczema and rosacea. Some trials even demonstrated the potential to create histamines which are an essential part of your immune response system. Plus, the compounds in rose damascena help reduce puffiness and studies reveal that the anti-inflammatory properties of rose water can also minimise redness. It's a perfect fit for those struggling with skin conditions.


Organic Rose Water is Anti-bacterial

While organic rose is well known for being a great anti-aging ingredient, its lesser known anti-bacterial qualities are just as exciting.

Antibacterial ingredients interfere with the growth and reproduction of bacteria. They disinfect and destroy these potentially harmful organisms, making them useful for keeping healthy. In terms of skincare, studies show that the major compounds in rose damascena (including citrenellol, geraniol and nerol) have antibacterial properties that help keep skin clear and smooth.

For those suffering from acne, the anti-bacterial qualities of organic rose water can reduce pimples caused by Propionibacterium acnes, a bacteria thought to contribute to breakouts. It can also lead to faster wound healing, so those spots clear up faster!

An organic rose water is certainly a special treatment, and Terre Verdi is proud to offer such a soothing and healing skincare step in our range. Not only is an organic rose facial spray great for keeping hydrated, refreshed, and glowing, it is also an important source of anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. If you want to keep your skin clear and calm, we highly recommend incorporating this floral water into your daily ritual.