Vegan Skin Care with Terre Verdi

What Are Vegan Skincare Products?

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that refuses to use or consume animal based products. Unlike vegetarianism, being vegan does not stop at meat. Vegan products exclude ingredients like lanolin, snail mucin, honey, beeswax, carmine, and more. If it is made from an animal, it is not vegan.

Don't be confused though – just because a formula is vegan doesn't mean it is also cruelty free. There are brands out there that want to cash in on customer's wishes for ethical products without truly embracing their ideals. This is why it is essential to look for both the suitable for vegans claim as well as an official cruelty free certification. Unless it's clearly stated on the packaging, assume that the product is not kinder to animals.

Terre Verdi takes out all the second guessing by being both a UK vegan friendly brand and an approved Cruelty Free International member who proudly feature the Leaping Bunny logo.


Why Shop With Vegan Skincare Brands?

There are so many reasons! Since brands that embrace veganism refuse to use ingredients derived from animals, this means vegan skincare products should be conscious of how animals are treated. These businesses usually make an effort to avoid any cruelty making them a great choice when it comes to ethical beauty.

The best vegan businesses will be cruelty free AND vegan. Terre Verdi shows our commitment to being ethical by embracing both, and goes that extra step by being Leaping Bunny approved. We're proud to be a UK vegan beauty brand, and know that by selecting the best quality natural botanicals, butters, and oils we can create effective and gentle products that make a real difference.


3 Reasons Why Organic Vegan Skincare Is The Best

Just like how being cruelty free and vegan is not the same, choosing vegan skincare in and of itself is not always the best option. Since vegan beauty treatments refuse to use animal based ingredients, many brands instead go for synthetics. Unfortunately, these man-made ingredients are not always biodegradable, safe for the environment, or totally worry free.

For example, vegan makeup brands need to substitute carmine (a colouring created from ground up insects) for an animal free alternative. Some opt for artificial colours, but this synthetic swap can lead to increased sensitivity, blocked pores, and potential health issues. On the other hand, brands that choose natural vegetable dyes like beet or alkanna root can provide vibrance while also contributing additional skin benefits.

This is why Terre Verdi believes organic vegan skincare is the best. Not only do we avoid synthetic ingredients that pose issues for people and planet, we take care to protect those without a voice. By safeguarding both biodiversity and the animals that are taken advantage of by the beauty industry, we defend the future.

  • Eliminates cruelty: By choosing organic vegan skincare, you are making a conscious decision to refuse to use treatments that are sourced or produced through unethical means. Shopping with organic UK vegan beauty brands guarantees that your purchases will be free from animal cruelty, and in doing so you save countless lives from suffering.
  • Support life: As certified organic products are strictly regulated and don't use damaging pesticides or fertilisers to grow ingredients, they are safer for skin and for our world. There is less reason to worry about toxic substances poisoning wildlife, and since vegan treatments do not exploit animals, all life benefits. Reports explain how animal products are a leading cause in environmental issues like climate change, erosion, and water waste, so choosing to shop vegan skincare lessens the burden on the planet.
  • Boosts beauty: Did you know that certified organic skincare products contain up to 60% higher levels of antioxidants? This helps shield against free radicals, protects against premature ageing, and can even improve the texture of the skin! Plus, natural vegan ingredients are often gentler and cause less irritation.

Terre Verdi embraces the beauty of vegan skincare, and we ensure our plant based formulas offer you the best results. If you would like to discover the benefits our natural, vegan, cruelty free, certified organic skin care products offer, please click here to see our full range.