Skincare Routine for Athletes: Fit and Fabulous Skin

Is Skincare Important for Athletes?

Yes! Skincare is important for everyone, but especially for those who are regularly working up a sweat or are exposed to harsh conditions like wind or air conditioning. Maintaining our physical fitness is essential, but we can't skip out on caring for our precious skin either – especially since a simple skincare routine for athletes can improve circulation, minimise blemishes, reduce irritation and inflammation, and boost mood. In fact, incorporating skincare into your workout routine can bring so many benefits!


Benefits of Skincare for Athletes

  • Fight acne: While exercise can help reduce inflammation, not following a good skincare routine can lead to unwanted breakouts. All that sweat is proof of a great workout, but it can cause what many call 'sweat pimples'. This condition is caused by the friction, moisture, and bacteria that gets trapped under the skin, and it can be a really frustrating side effect of hitting the gym. Luckily, it's easily avoided with a quick cleanse after wrapping up a workout. You want to ensure you don't end up blocking your pores, so shower down, remove buildup and grime with a gentle cleanser, and don't go about your day with dried sweat caked all over your body.

  • Reduce dryness: Regular workouts are great for your health, but unfortunately they can be less than ideal for our skin. Fitness centres are often guilty of blasting air conditioning which dries out the skin, and outdoor exercise has our hands, face, and other exposed areas battling against the elements which can damage the skin barrier. Redness, flaking, and itchy patches is a downside of the harsh conditions the skin copes with, and this can be uncomfortable or even painful over time. However, these issues can be sorted by introducing a nurturing moisturiser or soothing serum after showering at the end of a workout.

  • Ease muscle aches: Did you know that certain ingredients can feel warming or cooling on the skin? Essential oils like peppermint, black pepper, and ginger are great for soothing sore muscles. These natural powerhouses can also offer anti-inflammatory benefits as well as a healing boost. Massaging a tailor made treatment like the Terre Verdi Yoga & Sports Body Oil into aching legs, arms, and back after a workout is a great way to reduce tension and ensure no excess strain is put on your tired body. Plus, by massaging in the precious oils you improve circulation and aid post-workout recovery.  You can also wipe away sweat with a naturally antibacterial organic floral water – just spritz and let your flushed skin cool down before carrying on with your day!
  • Workout wind down: Aromatherapy has countless benefits, and one of them is especially suited for athletes... Relaxation! After a hard workout, it is important to wind down both your mind and muscles. Breathing in the soothing scent of chamomile, eucalyptus, rose, and other delectable botanicals is the perfect way to complete a fitness routine. The endorphins from exercise paired with the mood boosting powers of essential oils are a combination that wins every time.

Skincare is always important, but when you are an athlete it is essential that you don't skip the basics. When you pack your gym bag, don't forget to include a simple skincare routine for athletes so you can replenish tired and tense skin after the workout has ended. A handy muslin cloth and a gentle cleanser or floral water will remove sweat from flushed skin and work to balance your body temperature as you rinse down, and a restorative body oil can help massage out tension and warm sore muscles. What do you keep in your workout bag?