Minimalist rituals with restoring vegan cream

Minimalist skincare routines require truly effective multi-taskers, and an organic facial cream proves to be a powerful product that can treat face, body, nails, and more.  A multi-purpose vegan cream is a staple in any ritual, as the deeply conditioning properties of plant based butters and oils offer a way to target dry patches, flaking, tightness, fine lines, cracked skin, build up, irritation, and other conditions that can be soothed by natural botanicals.  Plus, when aromatherapeutic natural scents are added to the mix, the formula can work to restore the mind as well as the skin!

An organic cream packed full of nurturing ingredients like shea, argan, and calendula will offer moisture as well as soothing qualities that heal and soften the skin.  Boost the regenerating benefits with uplifting neroli, sweet orange, and geranium and a stand out all natural multi-purpose product is born.  That is the ArganShea Multitasking Cream – a vegan face cream that doubles as a cuticle treatment, body moisturiser, facial cleanser, and hydrating facial mask.