Cruelty Free Skincare

Why Shop Cruelty Free Skincare Brands?

Choosing to shop with a cruelty free skincare brand ensures that no animals have been harmed at any stage in the production of your skincare. That means ALL levels before and after sale. The cruelty free skincare brand, their suppliers, and the manufacturers all need to be in compliance.

That is because whenever you make a purchase from a cruelty free skincare brand it sends a message that you, the consumer, care about the welfare of animals as well as the ingredients used in the production process of your skincare product.

However, buyers beware. Unless there is a recognised and trusted certification, there is no guarantee that the cruelty free skincare you are purchasing is actually free from animal testing. Since so many consumers are showing support for cruelty free products, many businesses have started to add this label when marketing. Unfortunately, it's just not always true.

That's why it is so important to shop with cruelty free skincare brands that backup their claims. Terre Verdi are proud to be one of those businesses. As a UK cruelty free brand, we never use ingredients that have been tested on animals, nor are any of our products tested on animals. We strongly believe that there is no excuse for a skincare brand to be testing their products on animals. That's why we aligned with Cruelty Free International!


Is Natural Cruelty Free Skincare Better?

Natural cruelty free skincare includes countless ingredients that can greatly benefit your skin. Botanicals, oils, and extracts derived from the earth offer everything from antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to plumping and radiance boosting effects. Gone are the days of relying on chemically made treatments... Science shows the power of nature is something to be valued and respected, and ongoing studies show just how much of a visible and lasting impact natural formulations have!

Natural cruelty free skincare offers all the same benefits as synthetically derived products, but without the downsides. In fact, it's another way of minimising the harm that comes to animals. Choosing products free from worrying ingredients like PEGs, parabens, artificial colouring and fragrance, phthalates, and SLS avoids potential health risks, but it also protects the planet as many man-made chemicals have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife.


The Best Cruelty Free Skincare Brands

When it comes to shopping natural and cruelty free skincare brands, it's hard to know what to look out for when you are first starting out. What makes the best cruelty free brand? How do you know the business is truly free from animal testing? Will the product still perform the same way?

Terre Verdi makes it simple by using more than just words to show our dedication to being the best cruelty free skincare brand. We know it can be hard for consumers to buy with confidence when looking for ethical beauty products, so we aligned with Cruelty Free International who strive to create a world where no animals suffer in a laboratory. By gaining a globally recognised certification, we can demonstrate our dedication to creating cruelty free skincare and protecting our fellow creatures.

When you shop for the best cruelty free beauty products, be sure to check for companies who display a trusted logo like the Leaping Bunny badge. This is a sure way to guarantee there has been no animal testing at any stage of the product development of your skincare product.

At Terre Verdi we are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved and are committed to end animal testing as well as being open to third party audits. As a UK cruelty free brand, we think it's important to pave the way to change. That's why we also choose to use alternative options to make sure that our products are safe for you to use.

For example, Terre Verdi only use ingredients that have been proven to be safe for use by procedures such as ‘in vitro’, where the effects of certain ingredients on human cells and tissues takes place in a test tube instead of on animals or via computer simulations – a quick and effective way of testing for toxicity levels of chemicals on a computer-generated human model. This ensures that our products are free from animal testing while also being high performing and 100% safe for use.

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