Certified Organic Skin Care


Why Choose Certified Organic Skin Care Products?

Did you know that currently any skincare brand can use the word organic without the product actually containing any organic ingredients?

Natural beauty is not the same as organic beauty, and since there is no set law or regulation around words like this, greenwashing is a real threat when it comes to buying with confidence. However, there are labels that you can trust, and that is where certified organic skincare products come in.

Organisations like Soil Association fight to set high standards when it comes to creating and selling organic products. Not only do they require extensive checks and proof that all levels of production meet their rules, but they also work to protect wildlife, soil, people, and animals. When you choose to buy from approved brands, you choose to support a more sustainable and ethical choice.


Is Certified Organic Beauty Better For You?

Soil Association certified products need to contain ingredients that are grown without the likes of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), herbicides, or synthetic fertilisers which may contaminate your skincare along the manufacturing journey. By using organic beauty treatments, you ensure your skin only absorbs natural, gentle ingredients which can help reduce the chances of allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Certified organic skin care products also contain up to 60% higher levels of antioxidants, therefore increasing protection for your skin. And you can be assured that, when you buy a certified organic skincare product, it is never tested on animals.

But remember: in order for you to be sure that the skincare product you are buying is from a certified organic skincare brand, and therefore ensuring strict procedures have taken place, always check the packaging for the full ingredients list as well as the Soil Association COSMOS logo.


How Does Organic Skincare Help The Environment?

Organic skincare isn't just better for you, it's better for the planet.

Soil Association claims that organic farming is all about closing the loop, meaning those involved limit the strain on the environment. One of the best things about organic skincare brands is that they promote healthy soil, use less energy, and encourage working side by side with the natural world.

By refusing synthetic fertilisers and harmful pesticides, biodiversity is protected and wildlife can live without being poisoned. Organic brands must have measures in place to responsibly dispose of waste meaning water and soil remain clean. Minimal packaging reduces landfill waste. Strict ingredient regulations protect vulnerable species and work to ensure no toxic substances leech into the environment. Certified organic skincare really does play a part in making a change for good.

That's why here at Terre Verdi we are as passionate about the earth as we are about organic skincare. When we choose to use organic ingredients in our products, we are ensuring that they are manufactured in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible. For example, all of our packaging is kept to a minimum with maximum recycled content, no synthetic dyes, fragrances or colours are used, and all of our energy and water usage during the manufacturing process is supplied.


What Are Certified Organic Skincare Brands?

As consumers, we know how difficult it can be to navigate the organic beauty world, with many false claims of a skincare product being organic.

The journey to become a certified organic skincare brand is a gruelling process, and rightly so! All levels of the business are scrutinised for quality and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. It is not only the ingredients in a certified organic skincare product that are checked. Everything from labels to cleaning processes need to be accepted before an organic skincare brand can gain the Soil Association COSMOS seal of approval.

Stringent checks are carried out annually to ensure that the high standards for every product are maintained. If something in the manufacturing or formulation of a product is found not to be following the strict standards, then you cannot become or stay as a certified organic skincare brand. There are certainly a lot of boxes to be ticked!

Terre Verdi feels passionately about making sure our organic skin care products pass the certification standards and that each of our treatments can proudly carry the Soil Association COSMOS logo. We believe that this allows our customers to shop with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our certified organic skin care products have met strict guidelines and are truly organic.

If you would like to learn more about our certified organic skin care products, please click here to see our full range.

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