Calm and heal with natural body toner

Toner for the body?  That's right!  A natural floral water can be used as an all-in-one product, and it offers a lot of benefits when applied all over the skin.  Not only can you add extra hydration as you spritz from head to toe, a cruelty free toner made with eco friendly botanicals is the perfect way to heal and replenish the whole body.

Rose water is anti-inflammatory, helps prevent acne, balances the natural oils of the skin, rejuvenates, hydrates, offers anti-aging properties, stimulates the cells, and helps calm the mind.  This organic toner can minimize redness and restore the pH balance, and it is a staple in any green beauty routine.  It also helps revive energy and cool the skin on warm days.

The Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist can be used as a vegan toner, a pillow spray, an aromatherapy mist, a hair tonic, an alternative to water in powder masks, a cooling treatment for flushed skin, and more.  Use Terre Verdi's natural toner after shaving to reduce razor rash and irritation caused by the friction of the blade, or spray on sun burn to rehydrate and ease the ache.  This natural floral water is truly a holistic multi-purpose product!