The Best Times to Apply Terre Verdi GoodOils Cleansing Oil

Oil cleansing is a versatile, gentle, and effective way of refreshing your skin and leaving it clean and conditioned.  We have previously discussed the perks of using a treatment like GoodOils Cleansing Oil as well as what skin types can benefit from this product, but today we are here to explain when to implement your routine.

While nighttime cleansing is especially important, you can use an oil cleanser like GoodOils anytime of day.  Why don't we consider the reasons for cleansing morning, afternoon, and evening so you can best determine when to carry out your skincare routine...


Benefits of cleansing in the morning:

A good night's sleep can do wonders for your energy levels, mental health, and skin texture, so we want to be sure to compliment these benefits with a thoughtful routine. 

Consider this – how many products do you apply before going to sleep?  Do you ever wake up feeling too warm?  Well, the moisturising formulations you applied the night before and any sweat you produced during the night cling to your skin. 

That's why a morning cleanse can be so important.  It helps wash away those excess oils and sediments in the morning, and ensures your complexion is glowing and your face is totally refreshed.  Plus, this helps your morning lotions and potions absorb more effectively as they do not have to fight to penetrate your skin.


Benefits of cleansing during the day:

If you hit the gym before work or commute by walking or public transport, it can be helpful to wait to cleanse until after you finish working up a sweat.  Why?  Well, if you don't take care of that perspiration, it can actually lead to clogged pores and an increase in microorganisms that cause acne.  Plus, it feels pretty uncomfortable, so it is best to cleanse away that sticky feeling as soon as possible.  You can pack a mini size cleanser in your makeup bag, and freshen up before continuing the day.


Benefits of cleansing in the evening:

Your skin accumulates a lot of grime during the day, so it is essential that you wash your face before going to bed each night.  An oil based product like GoodOils is a perfect pick for this part of your ritual, as it is a natural solvent and can easily dissolve everything the day throws at you – dirt, sweat, stubborn makeup that doesn't wipe away with water, SPF, and more.

Without cleansing all these substances from your skin before heading to catch some rest, your face is left to battle that buildup.  If you do not wash your skin on a regular basis, this can lead to blemishes, a dull complexion, and can make your skin more susceptible to dehydration.  By using GoodOils Cleansing Oil, not only can you freshen your face, you also introduce nurturing organic ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that will help smooth and soften your skin.

We suggest cleansing your skin with GoodOils up to two times per day.  While evening use is recommended to ensure you do not go to sleep with the day's dirt and grime coating your face and decolletage, the rest of your routine is best determined by your activity levels and personal comfort.

How often do you oil cleanse, and what time of day do you choose to introduce an oil cleanser into your routine?  We would love to hear all about it, so be sure to share your experience over on Facebook!