Will A Cleansing Oil Benefit Oily Skin?

Washing your face is essential for maintaining healthy skin, but what type of product is best for refreshing your complexion and keeping your skin calm and clear? Terre Verdi is ready to reveal why a cleansing oil like our GoodOils Cleansing Oil is right for all skin types, including oily skin!

What Is An Oil Cleanser?

A cleanser is a skincare product that is designed to clean the skin. It removes dirt, makeup, and build up, plus this treatment works to unclog pores. An oil cleanser is just one of many types of cleansers, and is formulated with a natural oil as its base. Unlike water soluble cleansers with a gel, foam, or lotion texture, these are richer and more versatile.

Many skincare enthusiasts prefer to use the oil cleansing method because it offers extra moisture for the skin and is a gentle way to remove SPF, foundation, and excess sebum. This treatment is an effective way to quickly remove stubborn makeup and greasy residue, plus oil cleansers provide benefits like leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

How Can An Oil Cleanser Benefit Oily Skin?

Natural oil cleansers are suited for all skin types, including oily skin. Contrary to what you might expect, an oil cleanser does not make your skin more oily. In fact, this type of treatment can actually remedy one of the key issues that causes oily skin!

Many of the most common skin complaints stem from having overactive oil production. This can lead to a greasy sheen to the skin, acne, and an uneven appearance or texture. Luckily, choosing a formulation that helps boost balance can help. As long as comedogenic oils are avoided, this treatment can help clear up and revitalise your complexion. Take a look at some of the ways an oil cleanser can benefit oily skin...

Oil cleansers regulate sebum production:

Skin needs sebum to be healthy, and relying on harsh, drying ingredients like SLS or alcohols can actually do more harm than good. Unlike products that rely on potentially triggering ingredients to clean the skin, natural oil cleansers like our GoodOils Cleansing Oil offer a gentler approach. They do not strip the skin of its natural sebum, but reintroduce beneficial oils rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. By doing so, our body can reduce the amount of sebum being produced which in turn can reduce breakouts and clogged pores.

An oil cleanser can fight dehydrated skin:

Did you know that oily skin can be a sign that your body's largest organ is dehydrated? That's right, and a natural oil cleanser can help combat the problems that come with this issue! Dehydrated skin signals that further sebum production is required to protect the skin barrier. By introducing additional moisture into your daily skincare routine, you can condition and quench thirsty skin so your complexion looks and feels plump and smooth once again.

Oil cleansers get the gunk out:

Like draws like – that's the concept behind an oil cleanser. Since oil is a natural solvent, it can dissolve similar substances. This makes it the ideal ingredient to use when battling against oily skin. An oil cleanser works to remove hardened sebum and buildup in your pores while also melting away makeup and daily pollution from the surface of your skin. A natural oil cleanser can help dissolve those extra oils, meaning your skin is left looking and feeling fresh, clean, and replenished. Plus, formulations like our GoodOils Cleansing Oil contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that help combat acne, reduce redness, and bring balance.

What do you think about using a cleansing oil to help balance your oily skin? Have you tried incorporating an oil cleanser into your daily routine yet? We would love to hear about your experience, so join us over on social media to share with our community!