Simple and Sustainable Post Workout Skincare Routine

Adding body oil to the end of your workout routine is a great way to maintain clear and healthy skin – and today Terre Verdi is here to share all the ins and outs to incorporating this simple and sustainable Yoga & Sports treatment into your weekly ritual!

Why Should You Have A Workout Skincare Routine?

Did you know that exercise brings both benefits to your skin as well as some peskier problems? While getting active is great for your health and boosts your circulation which can alleviate puffiness and improve radiance, working out also exacerbates redness, dryness, and acne.

Our sweat glands are the primary cause of these issues. While sweating is an effective way of detoxing the body, it can also lead to clogged pores and a buildup of microorganisms that result in itching, blemishes, dandruff, and more. Exercise can harm your skin, so appropriate aftercare is essential after finishing a fitness routine.

Post Workout Benefits of Yoga & Sports Body Oil

We recommend concluding your workout routine with an organic body oil to replenish and nurture your hard working skin. Our Yoga & Sports Body Oil from Terre Verdi is especially helpful, as it has been developed with athletes in mind. We understand the complications that come from sweat, friction, and exertion, and created a special blend of botanicals to help soothe your skin after working out.

Our organic Yoga and Sports Body Oil contains powerful organic essential oils, extracts, and plant based ingredients that are beneficial for both the mind and skin. It's the perfect match for an athlete, as it ensures you can reap the benefits of exercise without having to worry about any potential negatives that sweat and friction might produce!

  • Nourishing: Exercise leads to sweat, meaning the water within your body and skin is evaporating. This leaves you dehydrated which can lead to rough            patches, fine lines, and even premature aging over time. Applying an organic body oil that contains argan, jojoba, and camellia, like the Terre Verdi Yoga & Sports treatment, helps lock in moisture and restore elasticity thanks to the high levels of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals found within.
  • Mood boosting: The right combination of essential oils can work wonders for your mood. That's why we blend the warming duo of black pepper and ginger with a revitalising blast of eucalyptus. It offers a soothing scent that is ideal for after working out, and it balances your energy so you are not left feeling overwhelmed after the physical strain.
  • Anti-bacterial: Working out can lead to acne if precautions are not taken, however, our Yoga & Sports organic body oil contains calendula oil to fight off those unwanted body blemishes and leave your skin clear and bright.
  • Promotes healing: Not only does eucalyptus oil promote faster healing in general, but black pepper oil is high in antioxidants making it ideal for fighting free radicals and resisting premature aging. Plus, jojoba oil can aid in repairing damaged skin cells!
  • Soothing: We mentioned previously that a body oil has the potential to ease your body, and our Yoga & Sports organic oil is great for aiding in healing after a strenuous workout. The essential oils boost the body's natural defenses and work to restore aching muscles, aid in collagen production to calm joints, and provide anti-inflammatory properties to relieve stiff and sore limbs.

How to Apply Yoga & Sports Body Oil After Working Out

After finishing your exercise routine, set aside 5-15 minutes for aftercare to ensure your body and mind are both able to suitably recover. You should rinse off thoroughly in the shower to remove sweat and grime. Then, you can prepare to apply your post-workout skincare treatment. We recommend pumping two to three drops of the Yoga & Sports Body Oil into your palm, rubbing it between your hands to warm up the liquid and activate the aroma, and then gently massaging into your limbs. Pay particular attention to areas that were more vigorously strained during your fitness routine, as the black pepper, eucalyptus, and ginger root will assist in soothing aches and pains in your muscles and joints!

Once you have applied the oil to your skin, take a moment to breathe in the excess product that remains on your hands – the warming aroma will stimulate and revitalise your spirit, providing an effective boost to your energy levels after completing your workout.

What is your typical post-workout ritual? Do you take care of your skin after exercising, or are you in a rush to get home and relax? While it can be tempting to crash after being active, be sure to wash up and replenish your skin with an organic body oil – it will help preserve that lovely glow even longer and ease the tension in your mind and muscles! If you have any more tips for taking care of your skin after exercising, be sure to share your ideas with our growing community over on Facebook or Instagram.