Feed your skin with natural botanicals in organic serum

A lightweight liquid moisturiser that delivers botanical powers straight to the skin, an organic facial serum is a powerful addition to a skincare routine and offers a big boost to the complexion.  The combination of actives and nourishing ingredients create a product that is ideal for targeting specific conditions and needs.  From hydration and deeply conditioning treatments to brightening elixirs and blemish banishing oils, natural serums come in many forms so there is one for everyone.

An all natural serum or face oil should be applied after toner and before face cream.  The ingredients need to absorb into the skin before being locked in by other nourishing treatments, as this will allow the high concentration of actives to work more effectively.  Just massage the organic serum all over the face and neck, and let the botanicals work their magic.

Terre Verdi has developed two vegan facial serums that utilize the power of plants to deliver real results.  For dry or mature skin, the antioxidant rich FranChouliPom Nourishing Facial Serum is the best match, and for oily and combination skin types the clarifying Herbs&Trees Balancing Facial Serum serves as the ideal fit.  Both all natural facial serums have a base of nurturing argan and white tea seed oil, and are lightweight yet highly effective.  It's the perfect pairing to feed your skin!