Why Choose a Multitasking Cream?

A multitasking cream is the key to one of skincare's biggest secrets – and for good reason! Not only can a multipurpose product like the natural Argan Shea moisturiser from Terre Verdi save you valuable bathroom space, it can also help save the planet, your skin, and your bank balance.

That's why today we are sharing the benefits of choosing a multitasking face cream. It's time to reveal the extraordinary skincare hacks that are possible with an organic treatment that can tackle whatever life throws at you...

How Does a Multitasking Face Cream Work?

A multipurpose cream is formulated to combine several skincare steps into one. Unlike products that are specialised for one specific purpose, a multitasker can handle it all. However, it is not so simple to develop.

In fact, the founder of Terre Verdi says, “I developed a multitasking product to lower the number of ingredients used on the skin so to avoid sensitivities due to the number of products used. This was not the only reason! With a large family, I wanted to tackle different needs with one product, as well as be able to travel light, and offer the same benefits to my customers. Moreover, I believe that certain ingredients are great for nourishing the skin deeply, whether that is during cleansing it, hydrating it or deep-hydrating it overnight. A multi-tasker is needed in every bathroom cabinet, and even after many years, the ArganShea Multitasking Cream is the go-to cream in my family to help with dehydrated skin from hard water or sun, scarring, and other concerns. It took me over a year to develop ArganShea in its vegan formula, and to certify it organic. The texture and scent needed to be right for its multiple uses, as well as agreeable to everyone in my family and yours.”

Despite these challenges, a high quality natural multi-tasking cream is well worth the trouble. This is not your average moisturiser, and brings a host of benefits that make it the ideal product to keep on your skincare shelf.


Benefits of a Multitasking Skin Cream

Saves you money: Beauty products can cost a small fortune across your lifetime, with the average woman spending around $300,000 on just their face alone. We know that saving money is important, especially when times are hard. That's why Terre Verdi aims to create unisex products that are both effective and versatile.

Our Argan Shea Multitasking Cream can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser, overnight mask, and dry patch hero. By combining so many uses, your bank account can rest easy knowing that only a single product is needed to clean, soothe, and condition your skin.

Saves space: Not only can you save money by using a multitasking product like our Argan Shea cream, you can also free up space in your bathroom! Shelf space is valuable, and having a separate product for every step of your morning and evening skincare routine quickly causes your counter to become messy. That's where a multitasking cream can come to the rescue.

In just one jar, you have all the basics covered. Thanks to our expert blend of natural and organic essential oils, butters, and extracts, you can melt away makeup and SPF, rinse off stubborn dirt and grime, nourish dehydrated skin, reduce dark spots and blemishes, and revitalise your complexion – all without the chaos of an overcrowded shelf!

Saves your skin: It's not just your bathroom counter that can become overwhelmed by the amount of skincare products involved in a full beauty routine... Did you know that studies have shown women apply an average of 168 chemicals to their bodies every day? Switching to natural formulations and multitasking treatments can dramatically reduce the burden on your skin and minimise potential health risks.

Terre Verdi crafted the Argan Shea Multitasking Cream using just a small number of effective but gentle ingredients. Seven simple botanicals power our formula and provide everything your skin needs to look and feel soft, smooth, and replenished.

Saves the planet: The beauty industry is responsible for 120 billion units of plastic waste every year. It is also a large contributor to water waste due to the majority of products containing 60-95% liquid. Plus, an estimated 18 million acres of forest each year are lost due to the ever-increasing demand for ingredients.

When it comes down to it, Terre Verdi is committed to creating ethically made products. That means our formulations have workers, consumers, and nature in mind for every decision. We value the environment, and understand that fewer products means less waste. Our organic multitasking cream aims to lessen the burden on the environment by not supporting monoculture crops, harmful synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, or non-biodegradable components. It's a product that aims to make a difference.

Were you on the fence about the benefits of a multi-tasking skincare cream? We hope that sharing these lesser known facts about multipurpose products has persuaded you to try them out for yourself!  An all-in-one formula is a smart choice for so many reasons, and it would be great to hear your thoughts on versatile treatments like our Argan Shea Multitasking Cream.  Be sure to share your questions, experiences, and ideas with our enthusiastic community over on Facebook or Twitter!