Which Terre Verdi Skincare Products Contain Camellia Oil?

What Types of Products Contain Camellia Oil?

Camellia oil, or white tea seed oil, is a natural substance that penetrates the skin easily, making it a valuable resource for the beauty industry.  It is incorporated into many different products thanks to its neutral scent that does not conflict with added essential oils, lightweight texture that blends easily with other ingredients, and noncomedogenic status which makes it suitable for all skin types.

Since camellia oil is so versatile, you will find it on many ingredient lists. From creams and lotions to serums and cleansers --- this all natural oil is a staple in skin care treatments.

Why Is Camellia Oil Good for the Skin?

We’ve waxed lyrical about the benefits of natural camellia oil many times before, but for good reason. Camellia oil is a gentle and nurturing natural ingredient that is packed full of nutrients that can improve the health and appearance of the skin.  Not only does camellia oil offer fatty acids that lead to a smoother and softer surface, it boosts collagen production which fights the signs of premature ageing. It’s even a great way to fight blemishes!  Camellia oil is an excellent addition to any beauty treatment and has proved itself repeatedly when it comes to boosting beauty.


What Terre Verdi Products Include Camellia Oil?

You can find camellia oil in many Terre Verdi products, as we understand its multipurpose qualities and appreciate the nurturing benefits it brings skincare treatments. Just take a look at our camellia oil lineup:

The star of the show when it comes to the pure harnessed power of white tea seed oil has to be our ThéBianco Camellia Oil.  This 100% organic treatment uses one single ingredient to pamper dry, sensitive, mature, acne prone, and oily skin.  The cold pressed oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, meaning it ideal for soothing irritation and tightness.  It’s also perfect for preventing stretch marks, boosting the shine in your hair, and calming muscle aches through massage.

Terre Verdi is a firm believer in the benefits of camellia oil and are proud to include this star in our formulations. Our organic ThéBianco Camellia Oil is the perfect way to showcase the benefits of this potent plant powered ingredient. Not only does it rely solely on its own innate properties to soothe and smooth, it also has a multitude of uses thanks to its seemingly simple formulation.

Have you had the joy of using our ThéBianco Camellia Oil?  Do you use it to tame flyaway hair and nourish your scalp, to calm your little one’s skin, or to moisturise your skin?  We would love to hear how you incorporate our organic oil into your skincare routine, so do come share your story on social media!  You can find us on Facebook and Instagram – we would love to hear from you.