The Oil Cleansing Method and Skin Cleansing

The Oil Cleansing Method and Skin Cleansing

What is the Oil Cleansing Method?

The oil cleansing method is a way of cleansing the skin using vegetable oils. This method can be used on every skin type, including impure skin, because vegetable oils mildly and deeply cleanse the skin while balancing it.

Scientific studies have shown that vegetable oils feature several benefits for the skin, they are soothing and healing. Using pure vegetable oils instead of traditional cleansers helps protect the skin lipid barrier, without affecting beneficial bacteria that live on it.

How does the Oil Cleansing Method work?

Massaging pure vegetable oils – or a mix of different oils – makes it possible to get rid of propionibacteria, found in the oily parts of the body. Whilst the propionibacteria may not cause problems, it has been found to cause acne. The oil cleansing method accurately removes skin impurities, such as excess sebum, pollutants, smoke, toxic substances and dirt that build up in pores.

A period of at least one month is needed to see visible results when using this method. In fact, the skin may look worse at the beginning of this treatment, as impurities (blackheads and pimples) may come up to the surface of the skin and become more visible. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about this: it is a temporary reaction, a step towards skin detox. It is recommended to go on with this treatment without stopping, especially when it seems not to be working, as the skin condition should improve after 3-4 weeks.

Oil Cleansing Method: how to do it.

  1. Pour 2 to 5 ml of oil on the palm of your hand and then massage delicately on dry skin using circular motions and continue for a few minutes. This method can be used to remove makeup too. If you are wearing stubborn makeup, leave the oil on for a longer period of time. Please be careful not to let the oil in your eyes.
  2. In order to remove all impurities, it is necessary to use a cloth made of natural fibres (cotton, if possible), which has to be soaked with warm water and then squeezed of excess water before applying it on the face. You can leave the cloth on your face for a minute and then remove all makeup and dirt left on your skin.
  3. You do not need to wash your face afterwards, as the skin will benefit from the oil that is left on it. In fact the oil will leave your skin hydrated and for this reason the products that usually follow in the routine, like moisturisers, can be skipped. However, if you prefer not to skip them, you can follow on with a gentle flower water on a cotton wool, and then with your favourite night serum.

Which product was created by Terre Verdi to be used for the Oil Cleansing Method?

Terre Verdi created a product called GoodOils Cleansing Oil to be used with this method.

GoodOils will turn your makeup removal/cleansing routine into a fulfilling wellness ritual. It is packed with a mix of precious silky oils that work in synergy and are mild on the skin.

The oil feels pleasant and delicate when massaged on the skin, due to its lightweight texture. The herbaceuos, warm, woody scent of chamomile that GoodOils releases when it touches the skin, makes it even more relaxing to use.

The properties of Roman chamomile make this oil a great bedtime routine that will facilitate relaxation and may alleviate insomnia.

GoodOils Cleansing Oil is cruelty-free and Soil Association COSMOS certified, it is formulated with 100% natural and 99% organic ingredients.

What GoodOils Cleansing Oil contains:

- Organic camellia (white tea) oil: rich in good fatty acids and vitamins, it has healing properties and it is effective on problem skin, acting against visible pores, eczema, irritated skin, bacteria and acne. Moreover it is a poweful anti-oxidant;

- Organic castor oil: rich in Omega-3 acids, great ally in fighting hyperpigmentation, it hydrates, makes skin elastic and pores less visible, gives an even skin tone;

- Organic jojoba oil: has balancing properties, it helps keep skin hydrated and elastic;

- Organic argan oil: has anti-aging properties, helping dry skin and possible acne scars, and making skin more elastic;

- Vitamin E: useful in fighting damages caused by free radicals and slowing down skin ageing;

- Roman chamomile essential oil: soothing, perfect for sensitive and delicate skin types.

In summary:

GoodOils Cleansing Oil cleanses, hydrates and refreshes the skin. It is called GoodOils as the amazing oils it is made of will replace dirt and impurities from the skin!

We should always remember that self care is good for our body and for our soul, and self care can start with the simple step of cleansing our skin with a nourishing organic cleansing oil, using the oil cleansing method!