The Importance of Using A Facial Oil on Mature Skin

Mature skin requires extra care, and today Terre Verdi will explain why it’s so important to include a facial oil in a skincare routine. Get ready to discover what mature skin means, what it needs, and how an organic face oil like our FranChouliPom Nourishin Facial Serum can benefit your complexion!

What Is Mature Skin?

Many people wonder if mature skin is a skin type, and the short answer is no, it is not!

Mature skin is not a skin type – it is just a term for older skin. Around the age of 35, some of our body's biological functions begin to slow down. For skin, this causes a reduced rate of cell turnover, slower collagen production, and a decrease in sebum secretion.

What does this mean for our skin?

Well, by the time we hit our 50s, the regeneration process for new cells can take up to 84 days. That's more than triple the time it takes in our 20s! A dull complexion is one telltale sign of maturing skin. The face and neck area in particular will be less radiant and springy, and the skin may feel dryer and thinner than it did before. An increase in wrinkles and fine lines is another sign of aging skin. You can notice these more prominently on hands, chest, face, and other exposed spots. Hyperpigmentation may also begin to be more noticeable, as cells are more prone to damage.

There are many factors that lead to the skin aging. From genetics to lifestyle choices, menopause to our environment... It all adds up and leads to visible signs of damage as well as general wear and tear. Mature skin is unavoidable, as it is a natural sign of growing older. However, there are ways to slow the process down and give our bodies a helping hand...

How Does A Face Oil Help Mature Skin?

If your skin is experiencing visible signs of aging like fine lines, sagging, or decreased brightness, it is time to introduce a more intensive treatment into your skincare routine. An organic face oil like the FranChouliPom Nourishing Facial Serum from Terre Verdi can work wonders on mature skin. It can moisturise, fight free radicals, plump, and smooth, making for a renewed complexion that is bursting with vitality.

Face Oils Moisturise Mature Skin

Moisturising daily is a must for mature skin. A decrease in sebum production means there are less natural oils being released, and if left alone this can have a significant impact on the texture and appearance of the skin. A dry surface, rough patches, and flaking are just the start to a damaged skin barrier...

This is why a facial oil is perfect for aging skin. Natural ingredients packed with nourishing properties are ideal for this situation, as they replenish and smooth. Terre Verdi uses a blend of organic actives in our FranChouliPom serum, including argan which is full of vitamins and pomegranate that offers a rare source of Omega 5.

Face Oils Can Tackle Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Not only are face oils a great way to keep the skin moisturised, they help mature skin by minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Think of your skin as a road. Each cell is producing that long, smooth surface and helping to protect the fragile ground below. As we age, the road begins to crack, and the cells cannot keep up with the necessary maintenance by themselves any longer.

A facial oil gives the skin a boost and allows it to remain soft, supple, and wrinkle free for longer. The right formula can regenerate cells and even offer a plumping effect that reduces visible signs of aging. Terre Verdi harnesses the power of frankincense which demonstrates wrinkle-reducing properties while stimulating cell turnover. Our organic serum also contains patchouli which is firming, and sweet orange which promotes cell growth as well as collagen. FranChouliPom fights free radicals and prevents premature aging, plus it restores dull and sagging skin. What's not to love??

Mature skin is not something to be feared, but if you are wanting to revitalise your skin and protect against damage, a face oil is a great choice for a skincare routine. A natural facial oil can be firming, brightening, soothing, and restorative, and it is the ideal pick for mature skin.

How do you treat aging skin? Be sure to share your top tips over on social media, and let us know your thoughts on incorporating facial oils into a daily ritual...