The 3 Top Reasons an Organic Face Cream is Better for you

The organic debate has been sparking arguments for decades, and is a complex issue that does not offer one simple solution. However, today Terre Verdi is here to break it down and share our top three science driven reasons why organic skincare remains the best choice. We're excited to explain the benefits of buying organic, and to reveal the three top reasons an organic face cream is better for you.

Organic face cream is safer for your skin

Did you know that your average face cream contains potentially toxic ingredients as well as fillers that add little value to the product's results. From harsh alcohols and irritating preservatives to hormone disrupting lubricants and carcinogens, a little pot of moisturiser can pose a surprising amount of risks to your health.

When choosing an organic product, you are ensuring not only that the formula has met the high standards required for certification, but also the end product has not used ingredients that are grown using genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic fertilisers, or herbicides that could contaminate your skincare treatment.

An organic face cream like our NeroliPom Moisturiser is the best choice to make when considering your long-term health. The formulation is designed with strict rules in place, meaning your skin is not exposed to harmful ingredients and can instead absorb the natural and gentle botanicals. In turn, there are fewer chances of allergic reactions and skin irritation!

Organic face cream helps save the planet

The NeroliPom Moisturiser from Terre Verdi is better for your health thanks to the stringent regulations put in place by Soil Association, but an organic face cream can also help save the planet. Organic farming, and by extension, organic beauty, is all about closing the loop. In simple terms, this means limiting the pressure placed on the environment. Choosing organic results in choosing to promote healthy soil, working with nature instead of against it, using less energy, and encouraging biodiversity.

Terre Verdi is certified by Soil Association, and our COSMOS label is a promise. It shows that our supply chain does not use synthetic fertilisers or harmful pesticides, so our formulations are not contributing to loss of wildlife. It shows that our suppliers have responsible practices in place, including safe disposal of waste and ensuring the soil remains clean. It shows that we are thinking about the future, minimising packaging to decrease landfill waste.

An organic face cream seems like an easy choice, and it is – but it is also a choice that can makes waves throughout the world. Every ingredient we use, from the conditioning white tea seed oil to the antioxidant rich neroli, serves a purpose and is selected for its effectiveness and ethical impact. That means when you purchase a bottle of our handcrafted moisturiser, you can look forward to plumper, softer skin as well as a world that is well protected.


Organic face cream offers better results for your skin

Studies show that organic crops contain up to 60% higher levels of antioxidants. This means that by choosing an organic face cream like our award winning NeroliPom Moisturiser, you are also choosing to increase the protection for your skin.

Antioxidants are essential for maintaining healthy skin, and have been shown to protect cells against damage which slows the aging process. Natural antioxidants like neroli, camellia, and pomegranate have been proven to fight free radicals. By neutralising these damaging molecules, oxidative stress that causes fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other pesky problems (including dull, sagging skin!) can be stopped.

Plus, antioxidants are also a key way to improve your complexion, smoothing texture and boosting the overall appearance. Our specially chosen ingredients in the NeroliPom Moisturiser work to stimulate collagen production to tone and firm, reduce inflammation which results in calm, soothed skin, and increase hydration so you're left touchably soft.

Organic skincare has been proven to be a healthy option for your beauty routine, but it is also kinder for the planet. That's why we recommend choosing certified organic brands when restocking on your staple products. Have you made the switch yet? Let us know your thoughts, and share your experience with our growing community over on Facebook!