Skin Types: Sensitive Skin Guide

Worried about sensitive skin or looking to figure out if this skin type is the cause of your complexion troubles? Terre Verdi shares all there is to know about sensitive skin and how to treat it in today's special skincare guide.


What Is Sensitive Skin?

Not all skin is the same: some is dry, some is oily, and some is prone to congestion. These skin types all have their own particular needs and require different care.

Sensitive skin is certainly one of the more troublesome types to manage, but why is that? What is it about sensitive skin that is so different from the others?

While sensitive skin isn't an official diagnosis, it identifies a common issue where the face or body experiences irritation and inflammation frequently. In these cases, the tolerance for skincare and makeup application, extreme environments, and even certain diets is much lower. The skin is more reactive since the nerve endings on the top layer are irritated, and in consequence it's more prone to itching and feeling sore.

If you have noticed rough or flaky patches forming, a rough texture, redness, a stinging sensation, swelling, or areas that are peeling, then you may be experiencing sensitivity. This is caused by a variety of factors, including dermatitis, allergies, rosacea, eczema, age, and weather conditions.

Unfortunately, this breakdown of the skin's protective barrier isn't rare. In fact, some polls record up to 70% of women and 60% of men struggle with sensitive skin to some degree. So what can you do to ease the problems caused by sensitive skin??


Top Tips for Sensitive Skin

Looking to manage your sensitive skin? Terre Verdi is here to help! To help treat irritation and flare ups, just follow these simple tips...


Sensitive Skin Tip 1: Replenish Your Skin

Repairing your barrier is essential for managing sensitive skin, so be sure to hydrate and nourish daily. Seal in moisture to ease irritation and nurture the surface layer, and try to pay attention to the pH of products being used. The natural range the barrier of your skin is 5.7, so having highly alkaline or acidic treatments can cause a lot of damage and lead to long lasting sensitivity. Choosing neutral oil based products and applying sunscreen each morning are both great ways to protect and replenish sensitive skin types without causing undue stress to the barrier.  Don’t forget to also check the freshness of your products - expired items can increase sensitivity and lead to rashes, so it’s important to keep an eye on those use by dates.


Sensitive Skin Tip 2: Go Easy With Ingredients

Sensitive skin needs a gentle touch, so pay close attention to the ingredients within the formulations you are using to ensure you do not cause any flare ups. Harsh additives, actives, and alcohols can easily lead to irritation, and that is the last thing you want. Try to avoid substances like fragrance, intense exfoliants, and sulfates, plus go easy on essential oils until you can pinpoint which ones are safe for your particular sensitive skin.  It will also help to opt for treatments that have fifteen or fewer ingredients. Also, always do a patch test when incorporating a new product into your routine.


Sensitive Skin Tip 3: Avoid Hot Water

While a steamy shower may feel wonderful (especially during chilly months!), it's actually not ideal for your skin. High water temperatures can actually damage the skin barrier and leave it feeling dry, itchy, and much more sensitive than normal. That is because the heat disrupts keratin cells within the epidermis, and this makes it difficult to lock in moisture. Be sure to keep showers lukewarm to minimise irritation and maintain your skin's health.


Product Picks for Sensitive Skin

Terre Verdi is here to help your sensitive skin. Our multi-tasking ThéBianco Camellia Oil is ideal for those prone to inflammation, redness, and other flare ups. This pure organic oil contains 85% oleic fatty acid and vitamins A, B, C and D which work to replenish and soothe. Try oil cleansing to remove makeup and daily grime, use a small amount to tame frizzy hair, or gently massage into face and body for a nourishing boost that eases itchy and tight skin. The possibilities are endless!