Skin Ageing: What Is It and How Can We Slow It Down?

Ever wondered what free radicals are? Worried about skin damage or fine lines and wrinkles? Today's guide from Terre Verdi will be sharing all about these important topics, so keep reading to discover all about how to minimize damage on a daily basis!

What Causes Skin Ageing?

While the market is flooded with anti-ageing potions and miracle solutions, it's important to know that skin ageing is a natural process. As the years go by, a variety of factors slowly impact the skin and eventually visible signs begin to show the results of that damage.

Skin ageing may not be avoidable, but we can consider the different elements that contribute and try to decrease the burden on our bodies. So what actually causes the skin to age?



Like with all things, genetics play a large role in the health of the skin. Scientists suggest that a staggering 60% of the skin's ageing process is determined by genetics. This means that for some, the ageing process may happen swiftly and leave pronounced effects, while for others the skin may remain supple and smooth through their golden years. As we age, the skin produces fewer natural oils leading to dryness that exaggerates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also begins to have weakened proteins which impact skin tone.


The Sun:

Sunlight is a huge factor in skin ageing. While this is a great source of Vitamin D and can give a big boost of endorphins, spending too much time in the sunshine can potentially cause significant damage to skin. This is due to UV rays ability to break down collagen and elastin, two key players in keeping the skin taught. As these fibers are destroyed, the skin's ability to snap back is lost, leading to sagging and stretching. The sun can also contribute to thin, fragile skin and hyperpigmentation.


Free Radicals:

While studies show that exposure to sunlight is one of the leading causes of skin ageing, there is another invisible culprit: free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can be found just about anywhere – in food, air pollution, beverages, medicine... And due to their reactive nature, they are a big worry for those intent on maintaining skin health. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, meaning that DNA undergoes damage and living cells like collagen are weakened. These atoms accelerate the ageing process and result in loose skin and blemishes.



The foods we eat can have a big impact on our skin. While some foods provide essential vitamins and nutrients, others can contribute to premature ageing. For example, oils and fats can be oxidised when stored or heated, creating free radicals that then wreak havoc on the skin. Also, alcohol and foods that are high in sodium, sulfite, or saturated fats can also exaggerate the visible signs of ageing as they dehydrate cells and cause inflammation which weakens collagen.



Experts believe that smoking speeds up the ageing process, so if you are concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin health, it's best to avoid this habit. The chemicals in cigarettes (like nicotine) impact the blood vessels which then restricts the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. They also have been shown to increase free radicals which cause additional damage.


How To Prevent Skin Damage

Skin ageing is inevitable, and it is not something to be embarrassed or fearful about. However, premature ageing is preventable and can be minimised by following just a few simple steps.

  • Add nurturing oils by moisturising with products like the Terre Verdi Argan Shea Multitasking Cream and FranChouliPom Nourishing Facial Serum.
  • Eat a balanced diet full of pulses, whole grains, and antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables
  • Use sunscreen before any exposure to UV rays.
  • Cleanse daily to wash away pollution and daily grime
  • Drink lots of water to keep cells hydrated
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol
  • Get a good night's sleep as this increases blood flow and helps repair skin

Has skin ageing been on your mind? Embracing the beauty of the years that have passed is a wonderful thing, but if you are worried about premature signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, you can create a routine based on our advice. Be sure to have a read of the rest of the Terre Verdi blog too, as we cover a variety of health and beauty topics that are sure to help!