Organic: What does it Mean to You?

Organic is the ecological way to grow crops, as it maintains the soil full of essential nutrients over time. Pesticide residue is almost inexistent in organic produce, so we can remain serene that harmful chemicals do not disrupt the normal functionality of the cells in our body, or the environment.

Certified organic products are still seen as a luxury in skincare; however, just like food, for those who care about their body and the environment, organic skincare should be regarded as essential.

Organic skincare is not strictly regulated; if not certified organic, the word organic on a skincare product means very little. Consumers should always look for the logo of a certifying body on the product, such as the Soil Association and COSMOS in the UK.

I have asked a few professionals in the wellness industry what organic means to them, and would like to share their answers with you.

To me, organic means making peace with nature, caring for it, loving it! Certified organic skincare is the ultimate choice of health and wellness, as it is formulated to nourish the body and soothe the soul, always caring for the environment and the animals.

Embrace the Planet, Embrace Yourself!

Alessandra De Gregorio

Founder of Terre Verdi



Nature Knows Best and when we use products laden with man-made chemicals (such as food, water, skincare and toiletries), our cells become stressed and can, over time, under-function. Aches and pains, premature aging, and more serious diseases can manifest. For me, Organic plays a key role in maintaining optimal health at all levels. It is also kinder to the environment at large.  

Using purely natural methods, I recovered from illness and changed my life in the process. My philosophy in life is very much in taking personal responsibility for my own health and I believe that living more naturally is common sense. For me, Nature Knows Best (hence the name of my blog).

Judith Reid


Judith is a Naturopathic Nutritionist and is passionate about all things natural, as well as elephants (see her logo!) and, as an obsessive scribbler, she enjoys writing, through which she aims to empower and inspire.

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When I buy a certified organic product, I am buying with confidence. Green washing is a big concern of mine, with many brands claiming to be natural or organic with as little as 1% of the ingredients being so. By choosing to buy a product certified by the Soil Association I know that not only am I getting quality ingredients, but that the whole manufacturing process is carried out in a sustainable, ethical way too.

Carrie Jackson


CARRIE is a forty-something beauty and lifestyle blogger from Surrey, with a particular interest in natural and organic beauty. On her blog you can find makeup tips, skincare advice and product reviews, with an emphasis on mature skin.

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We are what we eat, so I choose to eat organic and share my choice with others. I want my family, friends and readers to understand how important "clean eating" is for us, for our bodies and our health. The same thing applies to skincare, supplements, house cleaning and other products. If I have the organic option, I pick it, or at least I try to find more green and natural solutions.

Renata Extra


Originally from West Ukraine, Renata travelled a lot and lived in different countries, spending the last decade in the United States.

She is passionate about green skincare, healthy food, determined to live a clean and simple lifestyle and ready to learn and try new holistic ways to stay in good shape. With a certification in Organic Anti-Aging Formulation, Renata is running the following two blogs, and you can connect with her on social media @maximalista_

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To me, organic means the best standard and the cleanest ingredients. It's one step higher than natural and is truly the best thing you can choose for your skin. It shows that the most care has been put into creating truly natural, clean products with as little unknown or unnecessary ingredients as possible.

Amber Felce


This Natural Bee

Natural beauty & lifestyle blog

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Organic refers to how the integrity of the ingredients in the skincare are maintained from the moment they are planted to the moment they reach your door.  Organic means that the whole food or plant is grown without the use of harmful additives, like synthetics and chemicals.  From the processing of those whole ingredients to their packaging, the product is free of harmful toxins. Choosing organic skincare means not having to choose beauty over health.

Brittany Dukatz


Brittany is a Houston-based matcha obsessor and founder of the clean-eating, holistic lifestyle blog  With a passion for experimentation and focus on health and wellness, she shares her journey to help others learn how to best optimize both their mind and their body.   Connect with her on Twitter or Instagram.




For me organic is all about real, natural produce, pleasing the senses, especially by smell; in skincare, organic to me associates with the cleansing sharpness of sage in spring, and with the sweet, comforting & nourishing power of sandalwood on a crispy cold winter day. 

Ugne Frolenkova

Ugne is a 'Foodie and endometriosis hub creator'. Find out more on her website 

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Organic beauty is to me all about the source or origin of the ingredients in the product including the intent of the producer and the packaging being as environmentally friendly as possible. People are finally learning how dangerous high-volume pesticides and chemicals that can be used in the agricultural and cosmetic industries can affect our food chains plant production skin cosmetics and ultimately affect our health skin concerns and well-being.

Carina Coen


CARINA COEN C.I.B.T.A.C ITEC IFA. Carina has a passion of educating in a unique way via story telling about Ocean and Nature Conservation in an eco-novel "Sylvie's Wish" produced on recycled algae using bio-degradable inks. Carina supports many ocean and nature charities including WDC Friends of the Earth and Illustrator of "Sylvie's Wish" Ms Celia Gregory.