Organic Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of our body, and the mirror of everything that happens within it: stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, pathologies, diseases of the organs, bad lifestyle choices, bad nutrition and aging; these are all factors that cause a visible change on the skin.

In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, it is important to take care of our skin with natural products formulated with a high organic content.

The first step towards healthy skin is to know our skin type and treat it with targeted products. The beauty routine should be based on a few seasonal products formulated with these fundamental principles in mind: natural, eco-organic and essential.


Why choose an eco-organic product?

The eco-organic cosmetic product has a simple formulation, consisting of a few essential and effective ingredients. The elements that make it up are essential oils, vegetable butters, vegetable oils, vitamins, clays, antioxidants and plant extracts. These ingredients come from organic farming that follow ethical standards to preserve the ecosystem. The resulting raw materials respect ecological transformation processes.

Naturally, these cosmetics do not contain ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment such as derivatives from petroleum, silicones, EDTA, SLS, paraffin, etc.

The high-performance actives in the eco-organic product provide a strong conduit to maintain a vibrant and healthy skin, as they are natural and do not undergo chemical treatments.

The active ingredients that are good for our skin respect the balance of the skin's hydrolipid film, that is, they adequately balance the skin's hydration.

The German philosopher Feuerbach, asserted: "we are what we eat"; this is also attributable to everything that we apply to our skin, because some substances in skin care can penetrate our skin (many others remain on the surface, as they should).

For example, vegetable oils (carrier oils), depending on their content of unsaturated fatty acids, are absorbed into the skin and hydrate it, whilst essential oils penetrate the skin, because of their very small molecular composition.

Essential oils act on psychic wellbeing; inhaling their essences helps with sleep disorders, relieve stress, counteract anxiety, restore a feeling of general well-being.

The eco-organic cosmetics include in their formulation essential oils that are very effective on the skin and act on psychophysical wellbeing by fully embracing the holistic philosophy, which harmonizes wellness practices that represent the common thread between mind, body and spirit.

We will deepen the holistic aspect in a future article, which will be specific for this topic.