How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage

Giving yourself a natural facial massage is a great way to boost collagen production, reduce puffiness, and have the ultimate relaxation experience – so why not try one at home and have a spa night in?!


What Do You Need For A Facial Massage?

Luckily, all you really need for a good facial massage is your own two hands!  However, if you want to indulge, you can pick yourself up a few treats to have a luxurious selfcare pamper session.

  • Facial Massage Tools
    Did you know that there are tools designed to help elevate your facial massage? There are two main types of accessory, and both offer an even easier way to indulge.

    Face Roller: Like a mini rolling pin for the face, but much more stylish, a facial roller helps give a smooth and consistent massage.  It can reach even the smaller contours (like around your nose), and is cool to the touch which helps tighten pores and ease inflammation.  Often made with stones like jade or rose quartz, these are compact, comfortable to hold, and great for beginners!

    Sculpting Stone: Often referred to as Gua Sha tools, a sculpting stone is designed to help release blockages and are especially good for lymphatic drainage and acupressure.  These accessories are also usually made from rose quartz crystal or jade, and are conveniently sized so they do not take up much space.  Sculpting stones typically have at least two smooth edges for outward motions, but can also have a comb side that is ideal for reducing tension.

  • Facial Massage Oil
    To really indulge in a facial massage, choose a nourishing oil that will help your tools slide smoothly on the skin. This will decrease tension so there is no tugging or pulling which can exaggerate premature aging.  Avoid ingredients that coat the skin with a film or clog pores (like bio-oil) and instead opt for a natural formula that is plant based as this will bring additional benefits to your massage.  Our FranChouliPom Serum is a great choice as it offers moisture and antioxidants plus glides across the face with ease.

  • Timer
    While a facial massage is great for the skin, you do not want to over-stimulate the surface as this can cause irritation. The ritual should last five to ten minutes, so having a timer on hand can help keep track of how long the session has been running.  You can also keep a diary on hand so you know when your last experience was.  Specialists recommend indulging only two or three times per week unless it is the gentle gua sha which can be practiced for a few minutes each day.


Easy DIY Facial Massage Tips

When giving yourself a facial massage there are three easy main steps to follow:

  • Set the mood:
    All spa experiences should be relaxing, so set the stage before starting your DIY facial massage. If possible, find a quiet time to yourself.  Set aside five minutes, and breathe deep before getting started.  Light an aromatherapy candle, play a soothing tune, and turn the lights down for a blissful atmosphere.  Also, be sure to have all your products lined up already as this will make the whole process even more stress free!
  • Choose the right products:
    If using a facial massage tool, check the edges are smooth to avoid irritating the skin, and if you want further tightening benefits refrigerate before using. Be sure everything (hands, face, and accessories!) are all clean before starting.  As for oils, just be sure to select one suited to your skin type.
  • Take it slow:
    Don't rush your facial massage, and practice techniques to see what works best. You can even watch the professionals online if you want to see a demonstration!  Light, steady movements are ideal, with gentle outward sweeping motions that firmly work the skin.  Follow the shape of your face, and don't skip your neck and decolletage!  For a session targeting fine lines, apply pressure to the center of the forehead and the bridge of the nose.