Holistic Cosmetics

The word “holistic” derives from the Greek “hòlos” that means “whole”, which refers to the philosophical and scientific concept according to which the whole is the sum of its single parts. See also Aristotle's idea that human beings are a union of body and spirit.

This theory has been used for many different fields, from politics, pedagogy, sociology, environmental etc, until it reached holistic oriental medicine, which aims to achieve a psycho-physical wellbeing, through care and prevention and via global balance.

Holistic cosmetics was born to achieve an “overall wellbeing”, in getting into harmony with our body, spirit and mind, embracing ourselves, taking care of our bodies inside and out.

Holistic cosmetic products help us find harmony of the mind, spirit and body, which is the highest level of wellbeing.

What makes this possible? Cosmetic formulations that are created to nurture the body and soul.

A holistic product should be natural, organic and aromatic. On the contrary, a product formulated with synthetic ingredients and toxic substances takes people far from their true beauty.

Skincare is essential to the holistic beauty therapy, and beauty products created with vegetable oils, essential oils, plant extracts, and ayurvedic powders, are a way to nurture our skin, hydrate it, bringing its lustre back, healing it and balancing our overall energy.

The holistic approach in cosmetics has to do also with aromatherapy, as essential oils are used in a holistic beauty treatment, which act on our endocrine system. In fact inhaling their fragrances is necessary to alleviate stress, relieve tensions, induce sleep, calm anxiety and more.

As we all know, skin is our body's largest organ, through skin our body can absorb some substances, can breathe and send us clear signals, and for this reason we cannot treat skin as an organ which is separated from the rest of our body. For instance, when something is wrong inside our body, the skin is one of the first parts in our body to ring alarm bells, it is the reflection of our inner wellbeing.

For this reason, the most important thing to do is to observe our everyday life, our eating habits, our lifestyle, the work environment and the personal environment surrounding us, our attitude towards incidents that happen in our life: there is a common thread connecting all of these elements. Let's change everything that doesn’t make us feel good, and rely on holistic cosmetics to encircle the health and wellbeing of our whole body.