Cruelty-Free Skincare Products: Top Reasons for Switching

Animal Testing Today

Even in 2020, animal testing is still a big problem. Every year, more than 115 million animals are being used for animal testing throughout the world. While many brands are choosing to be cruelty-free, it is unfortunate that there are still some brands out there that still put so much energy in testing their products on animals.

Cruelty-free products are produced without harming animals in any way. Such products are also not tested on animals. There is no excuse for companies to test their products on animals. There are now several alternative products to explore instead of the ones that cause harm to animals.

In this post, I have highlighted some reasons you should also consider switching to cruelty-free products now and say no to animal testing.

Why You Should Choose Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

#1: Animal testing is extremely cruel

Extreme harm is being done to these small animals during testing. They are being subjected to completely unethical tests. Some are tortured, blinded, maimed, and ultimately killed so we can have some products on the market. These animals are sometimes bred to live a life of torture and suffering. Animals don’t need to suffer that level of cruelty so you can have your favorite cosmetic delivered to you.

#2: There are better alternatives

The major reason companies engage in animal testing is to certify that the ingredients used in their products are safe enough to be used by humans. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are better alternatives to animal testing and some companies are already going that path.

Alternatives like in vitro testing, culture cell tissue testing, and computer models are better ways to guarantee the safety of the ingredients. But because they are quite more expensive, most companies choose to go the cheaper way, using animal testing. Which of course, is unethical.

No Cruelty to Animals

#3: There are more than 6000 safe cosmetic ingredients

Several cosmetic ingredients have already been proved to be safe, and companies can always choose from the list. That way, they wouldn’t have to test more ingredients on animals. But most companies choose to test on animals because they want to come up with a new, innovative ingredient to increase their profits.

#4: Dogs and cats are also being used

Unlike what most people think, not only small animals like rodents and rabbits are used in medical animal experiments. Cats and dogs are also being used.

According to statistics, more than 65,000 dogs and 24,000 cats were used in animal testing in the U.S only in 2013. If you love beagles and hounds like I do, then it will also break your heart to know that these are the two breeds of dogs commonly used in animal testing – because of their docile nature. Why should we betray these gentle souls like that?

#5: You will help save the planet

Buying less products which have been tested on animals and going for cruelty-free products will help streamline your purchase choices and help you be more minimalistic in your approach. This will make you buy only items that you need, and forget about the ones you don’t.

That way, you will be minimizing waste and contributing your own little quota to more conscious, and less wasteful of our resources. In turn, you will be helping to save our dear planet.

A cat a dog for no cruelty to animals

#6: Lots of brands are now cruelty-free

Perhaps it will interest you to know that there are now thousands of cruelty-free brands around today. We are no longer in the days when choosing cruelty-free products meant only buying patchouli lotion from a small, local shop. More big-name brands have now become cruelty-free. That means you won’t be searching too hard before finding the right product for you. Even if you make the switch today, there are lots of great cruelty-free brands you can buy from.

We are proud to say we are one of them. Buying from Terre Verdi means you are buying a cruelty-free product and supporting the ‘no animal testing’ movement.

#7: Many countries have already banned animal testing

Several countries around the world are already saying no to animal testing for cosmetic products. Countries like the European Union, Switzerland, Israel, Norway, India, New Zealand, and South Korea have already banned the practice. This is to tell you how unethical and harmful animal testing could be. You shouldn’t be a part of it.

Final Thought

It is time you help the world make a difference in the beauty industry by choosing only cruelty-free products. They are safer for you and several animals across the globe. When you decide to make this switch, you will not only be appreciated by these gentle and harmless animals, but your wallet and the planet will also thank you for the decision. Do it now!

Terre Verdi is cruelty-free approved by Cruelty-Free International. A global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements. We perform no animal testing and none of our ingredients have ever been animal tested! We always recommend to look for the below Leaping Bunny logo when purchasing your favorite products.

Cruelty Free International logo

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