Create a Spa Day At Home

This year we need to be a little more creative in terms of what we do with our free time. To help you make your free day extra special, here are some tips on how to make your home a haven for a stay-at-home spa experience.

How to Create a Spa Day At Home

Light some candles

One thing that welcomes people in to a spa are those delicious aromas. They always have enough scent in the air to help trigger a feeling of calm. Creating a stay-at-home Spa experience should also start with this. There’s something about being in a candlelit room which immediately calms the mind. So, get your diffuser or light candles around your bathtub to help create a serene spa atmosphere.


Set the mood with music

Music has been known to have a positive effect on our mood. Listening to the right music can help to relieve stress and calm the mind. You can either find some ready-made lists of songs online or create a playlist of your favorite songs – songs or music pieces that have meaning for you and have the ability to calm your mind.


Have a warm bath for a truly relaxing experience

A warm bath will give your stay-at-home spa a soothing vibe. Fill your tub with warm water and relax - stepping away from the stresses of life.


Use essential oils

Adding a few drops of calming Chamomile or Lavender essential oil to your bath can help aid relaxation. You should avoid using undiluted essential oils directly on your skin, so dilution is essential.

You could even use a diffuser with a candle if you wish to avoid essential oils in the bath.


Ease the tension with a self-massage

Who doesn’t love having a gentle massage included in their spa experience? Even more than a warm bath, massage induces deeper relaxation. It also stimulates the lymphatic system to excrete toxins and ease muscle tension.

Our FranChouliPom Body Oil can be used as a luxurious massage oil. Warm in the palms of your hand and gently move your hands in the heart direction to ease tension and stimulate blood flow. There is no better way to show some self-love, and if your partner is around, get him involved as well!


Exfoliating scrubs

Add an exfoliating body mask to your home-spa day to make the most out of the experience. You can make basic exfoliating scrubs simply by mixing sugar or sea salt and oil together, provided you don’t have any cuts on your skin.

Alternatively, our CocoaBamboo Exfoliating Treatment ClayMask for Face and Body gently massaged onto your face or body and left for 10-15 minutes to do its magic, will leave your skin beautifully soft and nourished. It will be easily removed with a shower or by going back in the bathtub.


A refreshing cucumber cooler for hydration

Having a delicious drink to hand will help you enjoy the experience even more. With its amazing hydrating qualities, a refreshing non-alcoholic cucumber cooler will help authenticate your home-spa experience.

It is very easy to make. You only need to combine crushed mint leaves with lemon and cucumber juice, with a bit of honey. Top off with water and enjoy!


Sit back and enjoy a great time alone or with your partner

Now that the scene has been set – the candles have been lit, the music is playing in the background, and the bath is waiting for you. The only thing left for you is to sit back and enjoy this relaxing home-spa day alone or your loved one.