Massage using organic oils: tips!

While we all lead busy lives, we should take some time out for ourselves during the day, be it for a tea-break, reading a book, or spending some time pampering ourselves. I find that the best few minutes of me-time are those following a shower, when I can use my favorite moisturising oils to replenish my skin.

Top Tips for Massaging Skin

  • The best way to apply the oil is by starting from the feet and moving upwards.
  • Use effleurage movements, which are short circular strokes.
  • Move towards the heart. This will improve circulation, in addition to moisturising the skin.


Advantages of Massaging with Essential Oils

  • Using a good quality cream or massage oil containing essential oils will benefit your internal organs, as well as your skin.
  • Essential oils penetrate the stratum corneum (top layer of the skin) and reach the bloodstream and other organs.
  • This is because essential oils have a very small molecular weight as opposed to other oils or moisturisers’ ingredients.
  • Their low weight allows them to penetrate deeper, and to benefit the various organs, finally escaping through the respiratory system, kidneys, and skin.

The Best Time of Day for a Massage

Different essential oils can provide a vast range of benefits so they can be used depending on how you would like to feel at a particular time of the day e.g. patchouli and frankincense are calming, so great to use in the evening to help unwind for a good night's sleep.

Invigorating ginger and black pepper on the other hand are more uplifting and energizing, so great to kick-start the day. The effect of the essential oil can last for a while as it can take up to two hours to escape the body.

Oils Safe in Pregnancy and Children

If you are pregnant or you want to care for your children’s skin, there are great massage oils to use, such as the organic camellia (white tea), olive, or sunflower oils, that are gentle to the skin.

Essential oils should not be used by pregnant women, or on children under 3 years of age, and you should take care when using them on older children.

Essential oils should never be put directly onto the skin. They should always be diluted in a carrier oils as per directions.