Calendula oil: gold for the skin!

The winter's cold and windy weather can adversely affect our skin, especially the hands and lips, by leaving it dry, cut, peeling and in need of extra care.

A golden flower comes to our rescue, the calendula flower (calendula officinalis), also called marigold. Originally from the northern parts of the Mediterranean, the calendula flower, which may surprise some in that it is also edible, is known to have healing properties.

When admiring these golden flowers, I think of the word “precious”. When the calendula flowers are dried, their wonderful properties are kept alive in their petals, and then in the healing oil they are infused in. Similar to chamomile, their gentle existence helps us in many ways.

The calendula flowers’ fully dried petals can be infused in carrier oils such as olive or sunflower oil for a few weeks. The infused oil, once drained, is used to create salves, creams, lip balms, shampoos and soaps that help the skin heal naturally.

Calendula oil is known to have disinfectant and antibacterial properties and this is why it is used to help heal wounds. The calendula’s gentle effect on skin helps calm the redness of babies nappy rash and helps get rid of cradle cap. According to the University of Maryland, Calendula (Calendula officials) can also be used to treat external minor burns.

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