Frankincense: a Gift this Christmas!

This is the time of year I tell my children stories of giving and receiving, as we prepare to celebrate this festive period. The story that comes to mind is the one of the three Kings, gifting myrrh, gold, and frankincense to baby Jesus at his birth.

Frankincense has been a commodity since ancient times until present and its brilliant qualities are hidden in the boswellia carteri tree. 

This tree grows in the Middle East, and when its bark is cut in small incisions, a soft tear drop resin escapes.

Once hardened, the resin can be used for many purposes, such as incense burning. Frankincense is rich in nutrients and intense in its woody fragrance, and an essential oil can also be extracted through distillation of this resin.

Skincare products that contain the organic essential oil of frankincense are a great solution to many skin conditions, especially in winter when the skin needs plenty of nutrients. To start with, it helps regenerate the skin, therefore fighting the extra lines, scars, and stretch marks. It could be described as pro-youth, for dry or mature skin. The astringent, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties of frankincense can also help balance oily or combination skin. As it can stimulate the circulation lightly, and help with muscular pain, it is a perfect ingredient in body massage oils. Finally, its indescribable citrusy-turning-woody scent is uplifting and warming, with a spicy note in between.

You can find this exceptional ingredient in a few of our products, as for example the FranChouliPom facial serum for dry or mature skin types, the Herbs&Trees balancing facial serum for oily skin types, and the FranChouliPom body oil for all skin types.

Hope you get to enjoy Frankincense this Christmas!