Make sure you Know what you Buy!

Our body dislikes chemicals. They interfere with our immune system, and that is how some allergies and skin problems develop and manifest themselves. Every cell in the body constantly rejects toxic chemicals. This cleansing process becomes harder as we eat processed food and use body products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and make-up that are full of chemicals. Ingredients such as flavourings, fragrances, colourings, and other chemicals only make food tastier and more colourful, while body care products just smell and feel nicer. These properties attract the consumer and keep his senses satisfied and happy. But what are we actually buying?

As the skin is the largest organ in the human body, we cannot underestimate the consequences of the products that we purchase.

When you shop, do not concentrate only on the packaging design, but remember to read the ingredient list at the back. Look for a fully disclosed ingredient list, especially when purchasing on the internet.

If a product is labelled organic, try to understand how much of it is organic, as the words organic and natural are not regulated. Even if just 1% of the product is organic, the whole product can be labelled as such. We, at Terre Verdi, strive to create products that are 99% organic. The remaining 1% is natural vitamin E, which cannot be organic in nature, but is a necessary anti-oxidant.